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Bay Cruises

Looking for a charter service that offers bay cruises in the La Jolla area? Perhaps you aren’t interested in bay cruises, but more the sport fishing side of things? Well what if we told you that both of those options were available from the exact same service, and all you had to do was pick up your phone and give them a quick call? Hah! That would be crazy right?! Welcome to Time Machine Sport Fishing, your premier choice sport fishing charter and bay cruises service, whether you live in La Jolla or anywhere that area, all you have to do is make one quick phone call and your hair could be getting blown back by the cool and refreshing sea breeze in no time at all. You can take in all the majesty of the Pacific Ocean, and have some fishing related fun all at the same time. There is no reason to not at least give this a try once, these are the types of outings that end up creating memories that last a lifetime. You won’t remember what restaurant you went to a year from now (or even a couple weeks from now), but you will always remember that time you went on a fishing boat.

Time Machine Sport Fishing offers you the unique opportunity to experience something fun and exciting, in a safe and comfortable setting. We have skilled staff members that know what they are doing, and they serve to make the entire experience just that much more enjoyable. 

Just remember, if you are in La Jolla, or anywhere in the San Diego area, and you are looking for a sport fishing charter or bay cruises; Time Machine Sport Fishing is just a quick phone call away! Call us today and let’s go have some fun!

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